Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shut Down, Re-Boot, Re-Start


Vientiane, Laos - Over here, that's what they say we do when we die.


Angels In Their Path II

Vientiane, Laos – It didn’t exactly fall on the unsuspecting, this age, this high-tech, unwired world of the marvelously fantastic, pushing the boundaries, redefining limitations, challenging credulity, changing the meaning of things. Didn’t we know it was coming?

And what does that afford the expression of your grandmother’s dreams? Have you surprised yourself in any way? If we are the sum of what, all our parts, then just what is that? Surfing on the edge of only what we know, we think we are products of the directives of our dna, interacting with and creating our environment.

How fortunate in the role of beneficiaries of all that has propelled us toward this state of being. What tears have paid for your sun-drenched beaches? What blood for your joy? Just to think one, two generations back, of what you might become. And then, seven generations, for the fruition of a dream, a seedling of possibilities that would weave and track its way in the world for the span of a lifetime, spawning another generation to inherit our directives.

And what of the Great Mystery? What of what we don’t know, beyond apprehension, but only suspect? What unseen forces and entities have helped you get this far? Who is looking out for you? Who cares?

God? Spiritual protectors? Lesser beings? Your Ancestors? Your guardians on the other side? Your lucky stars? Who, or what, really?