Monday, December 29, 2008

Out Of The Thousands

New Year's Eve

note from the writer:

You know, I gotta tell you guys, a lot of the time I have nooooo idea of how this material is hitting you, like, on a scale of "Wow, man! Your stuff is fantastic!!!" being a 'ten', to, "I sure wish he'd stop sending me this shit," being a 'one', but you're too nice to actually tell me so, and after all, you're my friends.

Or maybe you're just not writers, or too busy, or whatever.

It's just like, I'm laying it out there, and really, I'd like to know how your day went, and how life is for you, or if I'm striking a chord.

Sometimes it's like the class is asleep.

But out of the thousands of you who never write, this makes my day:

Vic, I was feeling down the other day, about the consumerism around Christmas, so I went back as you suggested and re-read that part about Geppetto falling in the trapeze performance. Man, I had tears in my eyes and was rolling on the floor. I could just picture it. Compared to Geppetto, I didn't feel so bad. Thanks, man. You're the man.

your friend,