Monday, October 13, 2008

All Black Cast

All Black Cast

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, SD - I’ve come up with the names of the Chinese Premiere and Russian President for my screenplay, ‘Niggas In Charge’, where all the actors are black*, and all named either Washington and/or Jefferson.

‘Wa-Shin-Chin’ and ‘Djef Ershzan’. Both, black men. Wa Shin Chin, a short, roly-poly guy, Asian eyes, 100% Chinese, black as the ace of spades. Djef Ershzan, a big, beefy, walrus/bear-of-a-man, straight greasy hair, bushy eyebrows, black as a mine shaft.

They each make ass-reaming calls to U.S. President Jefferson after two ignorant brothers down in the bottom of a U.S. Air Force missile silo south of Gillett, WY inadvertently set off DEFCOM V and bring the world to the brink of a nuclear exchange between all the major players, all of whom are black.

As you may suspect, there are hilarious ass-chewings all up and down the line, where the Sec. of Defense, Jermaine Washington, the Chair of the Joint Chiefs, Delray Jefferson, and everybody in the chain of command doesn’t have any ass left in the seat of their pants; and another memorable line of dialogue from Lt. Washington who screams at the two in the silo, “YOU NIGGAS DONE SET OFF A DEFCOM FIVE LERT!”

Most of the work on the body of the script is complete, but I still need to come up with a conclusion. Either the world blows up, or the whole thing gets resolved, right?

I’ve been working on it for six years, but, not steady. Frankel says the offices of all the heads of State should be ‘pimped out’. Good idea, huh? All the presidents looking like pimps. Chinese pimp, Russian pimp, French pimp. Messieur Francoise Je Verrsohn.

*with the exception of Sgt. Martinez, and the Iranian clerk behind the counter at 7/11.