Monday, May 25, 2009

More on Shoes


KHUK KHAK, Thailand - Some of you responded to the shoes topic, so clearly, I'm not the only one who has thought about it.

I meant to ask, how many pairs do you have?

Do you have jogging shoes? Do you have 'everyday' shoes, tennis shoes, ski boots? Do you have 'nice' shoes to go with 'nice' clothes? Do you have shoes to go with this, and shoes to go with that?

What about work shoes? Play shoes. Do you have 'outside shoes' for the garden or barnyard, and 'inside shoes' for around the house, a house shoe? You got a shoe for mowing the yard?

Do you own a snow shoe or boots for winter? Do you own a shoe that goes over another shoe? Do you have more than one pair...of any kind of shoe, like, two or three pairs of golf cleats?

You got a hiking boot?

Do you have dancing shoes, club shoes, or moccasins? You ever own a pair of those calf-high leather mocs? Anybody ever give you a pair of beaded moccasins? Do you have a shoe that you bought just before going on vacation, like one day before?

'Honey, I've got to get some new shoes.'

'Honey, the kids are gonna need new shoes.'

You wearing sandals? Flip-flops or velcro straps? Leather, plastic, or rubber?

You got ice skates? Hockey skates? Figure?

You got a shoe rack, or 'shoe place'?

You ever own an Earth Shoe? Crocs? What color'd you get?

When you think 'Shoes', you think, 'Imelda Marcos', right? You can see how thinking more than one or two or five or a dozen pairs might lead you down that road.

Did you ever wonder, 'Where we going to put all these shoes?' And when you're done with a shoe, what do you do? Throw 'em out, both of them? Get them re-soled? Give them to Goodwill? Put 'em out at a yard sale?

I know, I know, it's a lot of questions about shoes. I was just wondering. I could tell you how many pairs I have, but I'm not going to. You might think...I don't know what you might think.

It's probably funny. Tell me. Go count. Go see.