Monday, April 06, 2009

Brovic To Stop Signing Autographs


KHUK KHAK, Thailand - A friend of the spokesman for Brovic said today the spokesman said that Brovic said he will no longer be signing autographs, because he is 'a very busy man.'

"I'm a busy man. I'm a terribly busy man," he reportedly said.

The friend of the spokesman said the spokesman said Brovic said he has been innundated with autograph requests since his latest release, and people had been submitting 'all sorts of sh..,' the guy said, for him to sign.

On his website, he posted a video message to his fans about the conditions surrounding his release, and at the end asked them to stop requesting autographs, and to please desist in sending items to be autographed.

"Peace and Love, and all that," he said, "but for shitssake, stop sending me stuff to sign. I'm a biddy man. I'm a terribly biddy main."

Since his release, he has been seen running around on a Honda Wave 125. On his website, he said he is currently 'heavily involved with the shower caddy recall work, and still working on the lighting at my place.'

Brovic is the former drummer with a popular 1960s pop group, The Beatles.


(this story was a take-off on a news release this date from Ringo Starr).