Thursday, April 02, 2009

New Planet Discovered


Astronomers Discover New Planet

GENEVA - “It was more like something you’d feel, but couldn’t prove,” said Guralkowsy Guralkowsky, premiere guru of astronomy at the Mt. Temple Observatory in Leipzig. "That's how close it is."

The Guralkowsky team discovered the new planet in a recent article in this month’s edition of Space magazine. The discovery is being hailed as ‘revolutionary’ that will forever change our knowledge of our solar system.

The planet, named, ‘Nevernight’, sits inside Mars, a mere stone's throw from Earth, is undectable to the human eye, and has seven times the mass of Jupiter, something that scientists will muddle over for years to come.

“We never noticed it before,” said the animated Guralkowsky. “Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler…all those guys…we never noticed it before. It’s not because it was obscured by the sun in some kind of cosmic hide a seek scenario,” he said, hunching down, looking around like a kid on an Easter egg hunt. “It’s because it’s never night there…all the time. Just think…the stars are never out,” he said, his eyes wide with bewilderment. “Wow!”

"The find substantiates Hubble data that has been used to look at over 200 stars with coronagraphy, looking for planets and disks. We plan to go back and look at all of those archived images and see if anything can be detected that has gone undetected until now," said Christian Marois of the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, Victoria, Canada.

In a recent press conference, the Leipzig team said the article would answer all their questions.

“It will explain everything,” team member Zanic Tys said, “and Guralkowsky ain’t no ‘guru’.”