Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just Admiring


KHUK KHAK, Thailand - Have you ever just sat back and admired something, not judging, not scheming, not doing anything but just admiring? Just admiring, not thinking about tomorrow, not thinking about yesterday, not thinking about anything. Not thinking.

Just admiring.

It could be anything, a person, place, or thing. A memory. A dream. A vista.

Just admiring. The reflection in the pool has a slight smile crossing your lips.

"There. Feel better? You look better," I said to the banana trees out back, a gift three years ago from Yon, a local Thai.

Sure, they looked better, happy with a little attention. Six months of absentee gardener.

"Everything looks better, feels better with a little attention. A little love. Showing somebody cares," I said to them.

Nine tall palms, stunted and malnourished at birth, neglected, parched and yellowed through a dry season, nurtured, fed for three years, hydrated thoroughly, now magnificently bursting forth in lush, gloriously green effusiveness, shading the house; down the line, fantastic, fantastic, runt of the bunch doing great, fantastic, super-fantastic, fantastic, super-fanstastic, out in the full sun, doing okay.

Who knows if they understand English. The dogs don't. But I said to them anyway, "You rook marverous."