Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some Work of the Lesser Angels


Back before computers, when they were still performing mechanical chores by hand, a couple of the lesser angels were working in the ‘Yet To Be Born Human’ division, casually punching out chads of life force determinants on our cards and tossing them into a pile.

‘Brainpower’. Ohhh. Give him a six. No. Seven.

‘Creativity’. Nine.

‘Conscience’. Four.

A person couldn’t get all tens across the board.

It went on like that until lunch, with those two chit-chatting and executing the tedious task of hand-punching assigned characteristics, stamping instructions and encoding to make certain no two people on earth were exactly alike. When our cards came up, were we wishing they could have been more attentive and generous. Karma didn’t have anything to do with it.

‘Beats the hell out of ‘Snowflake Division’,” said one.

“Or ‘Sand’,” said the other.

They were still working on us humans;

Make them be genius off of the charts
Or fashion some painters and patrons of arts
We could make teachers and people with smarts
Or cold-blooded psychopaths born without hearts

Africa Asia Europe and Earth
Tossed into nebulae
Recurring birth