Friday, March 27, 2009

Everything Come Back

Everything Come Back

KHUK KHAK, Thailand - Some of you are writing back. 'Everything come back', as they say here, and now some writing come back. I enjoy it when you do, informing me of your lives.

Now, some of this stuff that appears herein may not appeal to you, but I know some of you are laughing, having been tickled. You know, when a story about school bus farts in Florida gets national attention, then somebody out there has a sense of humor.

And, gee, even Bob Hope could slay 'em on every line. I like to weave a funny tale, with some kind of gut buster in their somewhere, not necessarily at the end, or write something that will have you thinking, coffee cup at your lips, eyes on the screen, 'Man, ain't that the fucking truth!' It's difficult to write humor that is funny to your friends, your kids and their friends, and your grandchildren.

Some of it is not so funny. Mrs. Hensley may be recognizable to some of you.

We are so fortunate to live in a land of free speech, free press, and free thought.

Hey, I forgot where I am. I mean, you can live in America, the U.S., and have those things. Here, and next door too, Myanmar, is a different story.

I had a Myanmar girl wait on me last night at Issan Jane's, a place run by a German guy and his Thai wife. I wondered if she got the order right; mixed vegetables with steamed rice, and one of those whole rotisserie chickens for the dogs.

She brought me garlic pepper chicken with steamed rice.

ok then. just trying to keep in touch.