Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Something Like A Sixth Sense


KHUK KHAK, Thailand - Yeah, it would be like a feeling, an intuition, a glint, a glimmer of the immediate future, stretching from the reaches of your subconscious, inner amygdala, ancestral memory, hookin’ in out of the blue, or maybe your dream body, your soul, your Guardian Angel saying,


just before you stepped backwards off that pier, got hit by the bus, got slammed by the brick, got jumped by those thugs, got shot, got blind-sided, got caught with a pool cue, got hit by the hoist.

Such instances, where you see it coming, but you're too late, you're always too late, will usually result in injury, intense scare, intensive care, or near-death experience, all those chemicals dumping into your brain, your body electrified. You’ll live to tell about it.

In the case of the cat, it was death. And you wonder if it is true in other animals, besides just us. It must be. Why else would that cat suddenly look up, over at Mr. Thurmond, a complete blank look on its face, a mere fraction of a second before being slammed by a seven-ton satellite?

But then, you can’t ask a corpse, ‘Did you experience a déjà vu’ just before you were struck?’ Much less, a cat’s corpse.

So, I guess it’s something only the living can discuss. Ever happen to you?

No, I’m not talking about a hunch. That’s something you see coming beforehand, a long way off, like a train coming down the tracks. You can’t see it yet, but it’s coming. You know it’s coming. You can’t see it yet, because it hasn’t yet arrived, or maybe you’re blind, or insensitive, or careless, or indiscreet, or being deceived, or uninformed, or misguided, or prepared, or was clueless, or had it coming, or knew it was coming but didn’t want to see it.

A hunch is like a feeling at the racetrack. You can bet on it, but sometimes you lose.

So, it’s not a hunch. You can act on a hunch. This is more like a flash…no, it’s darker than that. It comes in a flash. This is more like a ball. A little fuzzy dot. Originating in your toenails. Bigger than a dot. Smaller than a marble. Showing up……..on…the upper…right…rear…inside of your eyeballs.

Then, BOOM!

Wake up in the hospital.

Maybe a friend’s house, coming out of a deep fog, asking, “Where…wha…what the…what happen?”

Maybe you’re laying in the street, people standing over you, people kneeling over you, maybe your dream body above everything, looking down, ambulance arrives, “Hey! Tell that guy with the sheet to pack it up. I ain’t dead yet!”

“Let these guys work on me a minute, okay?”

Now that’s the person you can ask.

Whaddaya mean, ‘Ask them what?’ Ask them if they had a premonition.

That’s different than a crystal ball, too. Different ballpark. Clairvoyant, seer, sensitive, witch, Hindu holy man, Christian televangelist, prophet…whole different ballpark. No, this is instantaneous premonition. Immediate preliminary perception. Outside in, inside out.

Is it something in the brain? Some would reduce all sensory experience to brain chemistry, pin-pointing which bundles of nerves are firing in which lobe in which area of function, and that’s cool, but what does that tell us?

They’ll tell you God is in your head.

But that still doesn’t explain why, if it’s all in your head, why you’d experience an awareness of something immediate, but hasn’t happened yet, outside of yourself, in the physical world, the real, 3D World. How do you explain that with brain chemicals?


Now, some of you are probably saying, “It’s your sixth sense, Vic. ESP,” right?

No, it’s not.

Well, yeah. Sort of.

Sort of.

Well, yeah. It is, but sixth sense and ESP work long-range, don’t they? No, this is instantaneous…already told you, split-second apprehension, immediately before the event. The hit before the hit.

Would that count as ESP? Sixth sense?

It seems like it's different.