Thursday, March 26, 2009



“Norad, this is NatSatReconOp.”

“NatSatReconOp, this is Norad, go head.”

“Ident, please, Norad.”

“Roger, NatSat. This is Felix.”

“Hey, dude. This is Cowboy.”

“What’s up, man?"

“Yeah, we have re-entry package Spybird GY China 18 on the plate.”

“Roger, Cowboy. GY China 18 up next. Status……”

"Roger. Status...inoperable."

"Copy inoperable. What happened?"

"I dunno. Can't reposition. Glitch in propulsion. Wouldn't fire."


“Roger, Norad. K Track. GY China 18, Longitude re-entry 15.14, Latitude 32.76. Weight…one seven tons. two one miles. Speed…fourteen thousand. One seven Degrees.

“Roger, NatSat. Copy K Track GY China 18 re-entry longitude fifteen point one four, latitude thirty-two point seven six; seventeen tons, altitude one two one, speed fourteen k, coming in at one seven degrees. Should burn up on re-entry.”

“Roger. Should. That's steep.”

"Coordinates probable impact.”

“Coordinates ……………….hold………..,”

“Roger, NatSat. Coordinates North, 93.15.45 West.”

“Roger. Looks like somewhere in Missouri.”

“Yeah. Shit.”


“Should fry on re-entry.”


“Big package, though.”


“Wanna take a bet?”

“Sure. Go sideways.” (secure side channel)

>“Roger, sideways. Hold.............up. You up?


"Twenty it hits.”



“Wanna bet location?”

“Double down on re-entry?”


“Okay. Jefferson City.”

“Okay. St. Louis.”

"Wanna go a hundred to one on a living object?"

"No way, dude."

“You see where LR SS 177 hit a fucking cow in Wisconsin?”

“Yeah, saw the op dailies. What are chances of that happening?”

“Million in one.”

“No shit.”

“McCallister went twenty-to-one on it hitting a living object. Cleaned up. Took sixteen hundred dollars from us.”

“Whoa! What are the chances of that happening?”

Got four hundred on the re-entry, and another twelve for the cow. Unbelievable.”

“Lucky shit.”

“Yeah. Pays to be a nerd. That’s the second time he’s done that in the last six months.”

“Okay. I’m tracking this bird. Tell McCallister he's psycho, not psychic. I’ll give you a shout later. Ten, right? Double down on site.”

“Roger, ten, Cowboy. Double down on site. Go back.”

“Roger, Felix.......Back.”

“Copy affirmative, NatSat. Out.”

"Copy affirmative, Norad. Out."